2017 Renovation Trends

Renovation Trends 2017

Renovation Trends 2017

What’s hot and what’s not in our round-up of things to look out for in 2017!

Looking to update your home? Maybe you’re interested in restyling or renovating your kitchen, or perhaps you just want to upgrade a few important details? What you need is current kitchen design trends for 2017 – we’ve pieced together some great ideas that should get you started!

Some general pointers

  • Pullouts and rollouts for better kitchen organisation
  • Parquet flooring is trendy everywhere in the home – including the kitchen
  • Lighting has shifted from utilitarian to remarkable – eye-catching light fixtures is a dazzling example of this
  • Open shelving remains a top trend
  • Innovative storage solutions
  • Industrial kitchens are emerging as a popular trend for 2017 – with rugged textures, rustic wood flooring, rough textured interior walls, exposed pipes and natural stone surfaces with with a neutral palette

Colours and textures

  • The white and off-white colour palette
  • Colour blocked and two-toned – things don’t have to match like they used to in the past
  • Black appliances and black surfaces are trendy – pairing well with stainless steel and white
  • Grey paint or textiles so you can easily change – some trendy greys are Stormy Monday and Sandlot Grey
  • Warm colours such as Aztec Clay, Ginger, Henna, Copper or gold tones
  • Green can be one of the predominant colours in your kitchen – even adding some potted plants or some fern

Mountain modern kitchens

  • Large, abundant glass windows and / or glass door systems
  • Concrete countertops and / or floors
  • Glass tile; glass tile backsplashes
  • Minimal trim
  • Ceiling beams
  • Rustic wood floors
  • High ceilings

Innovative work stations

  • Wood-finished, flat panel cabinets
  • All wood kitchen cabinets
  • Flat walnut wood cabinets
  • Rustic wood cabinets
  • Reclaimed wood cabinets
  • High-gloss kitchen cabinets
  • Simple kitchen cabinet door styles
  • Cabinets that look like furniture
  • White painted kitchen cabinets
  • Gray painted kitchen cabinets
  • Metal kitchen cabinets — an up-and-coming trend with a minority market share
  • Rollouts and pullouts in the cabinets
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Flat cabinet door styles
  • Kitchens without wall cabinets

8th May 2017
by MAGS Admin

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